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Day 30: and they lived happily ever after.


OMSB, you guys. I DID IT. I WON.

Assorted exciting ramblings and a fairy-tale endingCollapse )

*happy sigh* I'm so proud. Come, celebrate with me! *confetti*

Day 28: confident that I can make it.

Contrary to all appearances, I didn't freeze to death in Minnesota over Thanksgiving break, though I could well have, since my family doesn't believe in heat. (If you're cold, put on another sweater, says my family, like the good Minnesotans they are. Uh-huh, I say, and put on a fifth sweater.)

Anyway, I've put in a good few words over the past few days, so look here, if you please:

I feel like I can easily make it now, which is the most confident I've felt since way back in about Week 2. The plot is making its ponderous way towards a suitable resting point. Actually, a LOT has happened in the past ten thousand words, so... yeah, I don't really want to go into all of it, but suffice it to say that the plot picked up, we had some action and suspense, and Ivan, my Russian aristocrat, saved the day. I knew Ivan would be good for something. ;-D

Day 20: Well, this isn't going so well...

*is a horrible person*

See, the thing about NaNo is that it lulls you into this sense of security... you think everything has GOT to turn out well, since it starts with a burst of energy and you get way ahead and you think you can coast a little, rest on your laurels, so to speak.

Self-indulgent whining liek woahCollapse )

Le sigh. Once again, I suck at life. (Oh, and does anyone else feel vaguely cheated by the fact that they changed the name of the "I Hate Myself and Want to Die" forum to "NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul"? I liked IHMaWtD.)
Well, it's Armistice Day! *passes out poppies*

The novel continues at a much slower pace. I've done just under 4,500 words over the past three days, which is pretty dismal. I'm being stalled by homework, including my two massive papers, the rough drafts of which are due in two weeks and three weeks, respectively... *groan*

Rambling about sex scenes, sorryCollapse )

Oh! But I did manage to make it to my local NaNo group's write-in last night. I didn't get any writing done, since I don't have a laptop and can't concentrate when I write longhand, but I did make a good start on a book that I'm reading for one of my papers, so that's good. :-D

Er. Sorry for the ramble. It's been an odd day, and I've been eating olives. Mmm, olives. ♥

EDIT: And is it just me, or do I use way too many paranthetical asides? That can't make for very clear reading. Apologies; I'll do better in the future, I promise!

Days 7 and 8: some excitement at last

So you know how I said things would start to pick up a bit (at least plot-wise) after Matthieu's murder? Yeah, well, they did. Some mysterious secret police force of some kind is after Henry! And we've already had a chase through dark streets and a bit of heart-pounding suspense. :-D *proud* I'm pretty bad at action/fight scenes, in general (I tend to be too heavy on the dialogue and lose the thread of the narrative -- AARGH), but this one isn't bad, if only because it's short.

I'm a bit depressed, because yes, I managed to kill off dear Matthieu today. And everybody in the novel is just kind of standing around, shocked that I actually did it. HE WAS MURDERED OMSB!

So a bit of murder, a lot of angstiness (woe is them), and a bit of uncomfortable standing around, and that's my words for the day:

:-D Yaaay. Look at all the lovely words!
...Yeah, I didn't really write much today. I blame my Films & Screenplays class, because I was working on that term paper and wasn't in the mood to write anything, really. I did do a few hundred words, though, so here I stand:

But the fun thing today was a roleplay on the NaNo forums to which I took Jeannot. Him being who he is, he immediately struck up conversation with a guy named Gabe, and it got... interesting. Yes. People's characters are so funny, really. But now Jeannot has a new friend, and he's telling this guy things he hasn't told me, and I now know all about his family, and his philosophy on life, and what exactly he was doing during the 1789-1794 period (mostly trying to stay out of the way, or so he says). If we keep at this, I might find out how he met Ivan, and that would be good.

And no, I couldn't bring myself to kill Matthieu today. *cringes* I'll do it tomorrow, I swear, I just... poor guy. :-(
It's an undoubtable fact that most of the raciness of Paris is lost on my innocent, straight-laced Englishman. His new friend Jeannot is bordering on indecency almost every time he opens his mouth, and yet all his innuendo goes right over Henry's head. For example, in one section that I wrote today, Jeannot made a joke of a reference to the classical lovers Nisus and Euryalus in connection with Chrétien and Rémy, and Henry's level of obliviousness was just astounding, even taking into account the English sanitization of the classics at the time.

And so it occurred to me today that he must have had an education very much like that of the titular hero of Byron's long narrative poem Don Juan. Juan's mother, Donna Inez, was really concerned with keeping any knowledge of anything risqué out of her son's grasp, as these stanzas show:

Arts, sciences, no branch was made a mystery / To Juan's eyes, excepting natural history.Collapse )

LOL. I adore that section of the poem. And, well, Henry was raised mostly by his older sister, who's a very sweet and pious woman, so I can see her cutting out the dubious stuff in order to spare little Harry from temptation or something. Anyway, that's my suspicion. :-) Writing is going well, though, so far! Look here:

I think this is probably the furthest ahead I've ever been in my LIFE, which makes me proud. :-D

*does the "I broke 10K" dance* :-D

So in today's installment, Henry meets Rémy, Chrétien, and Camille, and there is a lot of talking. But he's about to go find his own apartment with the help of Ivan, and I'll cut a lot of that trivial stuff if I have to in order to get to the pont. Basically, he needs to end up living on his own before Matthieu can die... and Matthieu needs to die, because his murder is the catalyst for the main conflict in the story.

And I didn't end up going to the write-in, because I was seeing The Prestige at the same time, and I don't regret it at all. Plus, I've learned that there's a group here at the university that actually has a write-in every single night in the dorm next to mine, so I could go to those and not feel guilty about missing the Friday night ones. Life is good. :-)

Day 2: still going strong

My MC, Henry, has just met Matthieu Beaumont, the editor of a small newspaper. Matthieu is a nice, genial, friendly and outgoing fellow, if a bit oddly dressed. No one in the world ought to hate him. And... I'm planning on killing him off sometime within the next ten thousand words.

He has to die; there's no way around it. I mean, it has to be someone, and he's a prime target. But awwww... I like him SO MUCH now. He wasn't even going to be introduced except in a sort of offhand mention by one of the other characters, but then I sent Henry and his new friend Jeannot to the Jardin du Luxembourg (because there's nowhere else that people can go walking in Paris, of course...), and guess who was out for a stroll with his wife? Oh, yes, he has a wife now -- a very nice wife by the name of Elisabeth, and apparently they've only been married for like ten days, and I'm still going to have to kill him off. OH NOES. D-:

Other than that, NaNo continues fair. Henry has just met Ivan (yay Ivan!!), and they're getting along kind of weirdly, which I had expected, because Henry is so reticent and Ivan is so self-contained that they can't really connect on any level, as of yet. Maybe I'll get them out drinking together, and then they'll properly be friends. :-D

And I'm currently at a very satisfactory total word count:

I hope to break 10,000 by tomorrow... I think it can happen, since tomorrow's Friday, but who knows. Oh, there's also a write-in tomorrow for my local group, but I don't know if I'm going, because I've been asked OUT tomorrow (!), to see The Prestige, which I've been wanting to see. So depending on the timing, I miiiight just skip the write-in. Is that terrible of me?


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