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That old black magic: NaNo 2007 mix

Sooo being a dork, I've plotted out my 2007 NaNo using music. The story is in essence a sort of combination Bildungsroman and romance, and involves one character I've worked with a bit before and one I don't know all that well, so it should be interesting. Anyway, here you are, my darlings: plot! (Please excuse the fact that there are two David Bowie songs. I just can't help it.)

1. "This Town" -- The Go-Gos (lyrics)
2. "Michael" -- Franz Ferdinand (lyrics)
3. "Uncontrollable Urge" -- Devo (lyrics)
4. "Hold Back The Rain" -- Duran Duran (lyrics)
5. "Holding Out For A Hero" -- Emery (lyrics)
6. "Time" -- David Bowie (lyrics)
7. "You Don't Drink Coffee" -- Chuck Coleman
8. "Is It Any Wonder?" -- Keane (lyrics)
9. "You Never Last Where You Land" -- Jonathan Rundman and Beki Hemingway (lyrics)
10. "Because You're Young" -- David Bowie (lyrics)
11. "Somebody For Someone" -- The Corrs (lyrics)
12. "Mad Girl's Love Song" -- Fisher (original poem)
13. "Your Magic Is Working" -- Of Montreal (lyrics)
14. "Falling For The First Time" -- Barenaked Ladies (lyrics)
15. "When You Say You Love Me" -- Josh Groban (lyrics)
16. "Black Magic" -- Frank Sinatra lyrics)

So, well, there we are. It's a happy ending, you see. <3
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