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Time, he's waiting in the wings

Hey look. These drabbles have been sitting around on my computer for an ever. Coincidentally, they are all awfully sad, and I don't actually remember writing the last one. Hm. Warnings for death, depression, opium, and other sad stuff.

003. EndsCollapse )

007. DaysCollapse )

079. When?Collapse )

That old black magic: NaNo 2007 mix

Sooo being a dork, I've plotted out my 2007 NaNo using music. The story is in essence a sort of combination Bildungsroman and romance, and involves one character I've worked with a bit before and one I don't know all that well, so it should be interesting. Anyway, here you are, my darlings: plot! (Please excuse the fact that there are two David Bowie songs. I just can't help it.)

1. "This Town" -- The Go-Gos (lyrics)
2. "Michael" -- Franz Ferdinand (lyrics)
3. "Uncontrollable Urge" -- Devo (lyrics)
4. "Hold Back The Rain" -- Duran Duran (lyrics)
5. "Holding Out For A Hero" -- Emery (lyrics)
6. "Time" -- David Bowie (lyrics)
7. "You Don't Drink Coffee" -- Chuck Coleman
8. "Is It Any Wonder?" -- Keane (lyrics)
9. "You Never Last Where You Land" -- Jonathan Rundman and Beki Hemingway (lyrics)
10. "Because You're Young" -- David Bowie (lyrics)
11. "Somebody For Someone" -- The Corrs (lyrics)
12. "Mad Girl's Love Song" -- Fisher (original poem)
13. "Your Magic Is Working" -- Of Montreal (lyrics)
14. "Falling For The First Time" -- Barenaked Ladies (lyrics)
15. "When You Say You Love Me" -- Josh Groban (lyrics)
16. "Black Magic" -- Frank Sinatra lyrics)

So, well, there we are. It's a happy ending, you see. <3


I am a material girl.

OMSB. I want I want I want. I haven't been this excited about merit badges since Brownies. Unfortunately, I have not $25 to spare.

Um, so if anybody is looking for the perfect early birthday present for Callirhoe, well. :-D
Three more drabbles from the UWF-verse. No warnings, really, although the first one may well be incomprehensible unless one is informed about the crossovery thing with kissingmyelbow's lovely boy Gabe and Jeannot's timetravelling adventure to New York City circa 1989. The other two are ChrétienandRémy, so I suppose a warning for Massive Blushing and Unmitigated Cuteness might be in order. Oh, and also Milton, in the last one.

052. FireCollapse )

092. ChristmasCollapse )

100. ShareCollapse )
Here, have some drabbles. More Alexandre/Jeannot; a bit of objectionable content in the second one, including underage sex and dubious consent and things.

This one is full of lust for fourteen-year-old boys: 090. HomeCollapse )

Aaand this one I wrote because I am a masochist, apparently, and it cuts me deep: 038. TouchCollapse )

Aaand this one never happened and is just Jeannot's guilty subconscious making stuff up: 075. ShadeCollapse )

For Baxter: about Sev

Because you asked. :-)

People will know when they see this show the kind of guy I amCollapse )

So that's Sev, although I'm reasonably certain there's something crucial I've forgotten, because it's latelatelate. Let me know if you want anything more about any of them.
Three more drabbles, hurrah. Warnings for paederastic attraction, teenage sexuality, a smidgeon of opium, and a romantic poet. Also, I'm going to separate all these drabbles out chronologically at some point, I think, simply to make the project more comprehensible as a whole. Okay.

021. FriendsCollapse )

061. WinterCollapse )

096. ForgetCollapse )
More drabbles! Yay!

Note: Alexandre is cutting off his hair by recommendation of the only doctor who will give advice without asking for payment, after "the idea that hair should be cut off in severe illness as the growing of hair was thought to draw strength from you" (source). It's not something he'd otherwise do. He's rawther vain, much like Jeannot.

013. YellowCollapse )

026. TeammatesCollapse )
Unofficially for 100_original, a drabble: how Alexandre met Jeannot.

001. BeginningsCollapse )

It's been forever since I've written a real drabble. Ack.

Secrets, secrets are no fun...

...Secrets, secrets hurt someone! I think that's how that goes. But I like secrets, and my Frenchboys and sundry certainly have them. If you're familiar with PostSecret, there's a similar community for the secrets of characters (muse_secrets). So I did some, and it was great fun. Here they are, if you're interested.

In order, the secrets belong to Rémy, Chrétien, Jeannot, and Alexandre. Shhh, don't tell. Yes, they're angsty boys. I know.


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